Top 5 best battery for Inverter in India 2020

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Top 5 best battery for Inverter in India 2020

If you live in India then you must have experienced constant power outages around your area as it is a general problem in many major cities of India. However, there are several ways to deal with power failures and the most effective way is to use an inverter with a good battery to power your house. In this post, we have looked at some of the best battery for inverter use that is moderately priced so anyone can easily afford them to deal with regular power outages.

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These are some of the basic features that you should look out for before buying your best inverter battery in India 2020. Remember to compare these given features to every modal of the battery from our list to find a battery that is ideal for you.

⦿ Home inverters are small in size, so you should remember to buy a compact battery that can easily fit in any inverters while leaving some space for or additional wiring in the side.

⦿ Battery backup time is the most important component that should be more than four to five hours to ensure a sufficient battery life for any situation that may occur while power outages.

⦿ Good battery features a strong it sturdy design that can last longer and provide amazing customer satisfaction with low maintenance costs for the battery.

⦿ Always try to buy a battery from big brands as they provide many years of warranty and guarantee to win your trust with an affordable price range that gives a high performance while taking the safety into consideration.

Best Inverter battery in India 2020 Review

1. LUMINOUS RC 18000 150 AH Tall Tubular Battery

best battery for inverter

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Luminous is a well-known battery brand that is available in the Indian market which is known for providing rechargeable batteries that last long with heavy-duty design. They offer multiple features like fast charging and easy connectivity with longer battery life at the same time so you will be easily able to use it as an inverter battery in your home. The battery is available with an exclusive corrosion resistance alloy which is made possible by Luminous patent for affordable batteries.


– Taller tubes for storing more liquid.

– Inbuilt Fast charging provided.

– Long battery backup with a strong and sturdy design.

– Luminous inverter battery price is 12k which is very affordable.

– Shock, rust, and leak-proof body.


– No free installation is provided with the battery.


best battery for inverter

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The luminous RC 25000 tubule battery exceeds your expectations by providing exclusive components with its tubes to protect the conductors of the battery from corrosion. Additionally, it will help you reduce power consumption while saving more money on your electricity bill with its efficient designed storage unit. The battery can be used for home offices and businesses to connect with the most popular inverters in the Indian market which has an ideal size to fit easily on any inverter while giving it high DC output to light up your home in power outages.


– Factory charges for a quick installation.

– Tube plate design, suitable for frequent power outages.

– Excellent refill with easy to remove caps.

– Minimum maintenance required for the battery.

– High backup performance with investors.


– The battery is heavy and it can not be lifted just by hand.

3. EXIDE INDUSTRIES 150Ah Insta Brite Inverter Ups Battery

best battery for inverter

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Exide is known as one of the leading brands for making amazing batteries in India that offers great backup and they are easily affordable to anyone. There advance hybrid technology can withstand extreme temperature and pressure while maintaining its water inside the battery. To reduce any chance of permanent damage the battery provides a high-level frame with strong electrolyte components that are spill proof and leak proof. Additionally, the battery outer surface is rustproof and water-resistant to improve endurance.


– Fumes and leak-proof orientation.

– Handlebars provided for easy handling.

– Easy maintenance with a step to step guide given with it.

– Comes with 36 months of warranty.

– Spill-proof water tubes.


– The battery is quite big and it takes a lot of space in your room.

4. Exide 12V 26AH PowerSafe Sealed UPS Solar Battery

best battery for inverter

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Exide 12V solar battery offers a hybrid alloy system that reduces any chance of mist formation on top of the conductors that are responsible to supply power from the battery to the invertors. They are known to produce the best power pack systems that can easily last longer with the great design and a compact look that can fit inside a corner of your room. The battery requires less maintenance and it comes with featured handles that you can use to easily pick the battery. This is one of the best batteries that you can buy for the best battery for inverter use which will efficiently charge to help you in power outages.


– Up to 48 months of warranty by the company.

– Easy to install with a user-friendly design.

– Best for Indian invertor.

– Very low maintenance required.

– Good battery life.


– The refill could be a little hard for some individuals.


best battery for inverter

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Luminous inverter battery price is comparatively low if you look at its performance with a strong built quality that is rustproof and leak-proof tall tubes that are deep for holding more liquid in them. The battery is perfect for frequent voltage fluctuations which is most common in major parts of India. Apart from that, the battery provides a high backup is outputted with temperature control that can easily last longer even in hot environments, and with its massive five years of warranty, you can stay confident in its performance.


– Wrapped in a well-protected case to ensure user safety.

– Inbuilt ventilation for temperature control.

– Nice battery life with fast charging.

– Provides warranty for up to 54 months.

– Perfect for home inverters.


– No free installation is provided by the company.


That ends our list of the top 5 best battery for Inverter in India 2020 that you can buy right now to strike an amazing deal which will help you to do your daily tasks without any interruptions. Be sure to read our comprehensive guide which will help you find the perfect battery that suits your need from all the other selections that are present in the market. Many modern devices like refrigerators air conditioners and televisions can run on inverter power for quite a long time, so you can live a luxurious life with comfort.


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