Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 3000 In India 2020

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Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 3000

Are you looking for a new Bluetooth speaker? Then you should check out our list of best Bluetooth speakers under 3000 in India to get an ideal deal at an affordable price for enjoying your favorite music daily with just a click of a button. A portable wireless Bluetooth speaker is a great companion if you want to play music on a beach or at pool parties that would impress your friends due to its premium high-quality sound with the right combination of performance and features in a portable size that you can carry anywhere.

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The first step to choosing your ideal Bluetooth speaker is to know what exactly you want for your everyday use as some of the speakers are good for home use and others are perfect for traveling in an outdoor environment. Afterword’s you can look for these below components to get the basic idea of the features available in the price range of 3K.

✔ Some speaker sounds better than others due to their woofer quality and loudness which is why you need to check your speaker sound before purchasing. Set the volume of your speaker to maximum to check for any trembling sound which will give you a general idea about the speaker’s sound quality.

✔ Bluetooth speakers come in a variety of shapes and sizes which does not affect the sound quality or the bass quality of your speaker, but you should buy a simple design wireless speaker that gives you enough portability and mobility to easily move around from one place to another.

✔ Bluetooth speakers are generally used outdoors which means that the speaker can easily get in contact with water, that’s why you should get a waterproof speaker to easily withstand any moisture and water.

Top 5 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 3000 Review

1. Boat Stone 1000 Portable Wireless Speaker

best bluetooth speakers under 3000

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The Boat Stone 1000 Portable wireless speaker has been around in the market for a while and it is known for providing a constant in clear sound experience with rich bass that AUX audio and Bluetooth connectivity to offer the user a full set of features that lasts longer because of its rugged design. The speaker is capable enough to offer a nonstop surround sound experience for up to eight hours in optimal settings with a matte black finish that makes it look premium and luxurious which is why the Boat Stone 1000 Wireless speaker is the best Bluetooth speakers under 5000 for anyone.


– Rugged design with enhanced bass.

– Up to 8 hours of playback time.

– Matte finish with a portable look.

– Waterproof and splash resistant body.

– Made from a durable silicone material.


– Speaker is a little heavy and bulky.

2. Boat Stone 170 5W Portable Bluetooth Speakers

best bluetooth speakers under 3000

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Boat stone 170 portable Bluetooth speaker is an upgrade to their older model with improved sound quality that can be used for giving audio commands with its inbuilt microphone on your google voice assistant when connected to your smartphone. The HD premium bass quality of the speaker makes it one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 2000 with an ipx5 waterproof and dustproof body that comes in five color options, so the buyer can choose his favorite design according to its needs.


– Boat HD premium sound.

– Splash-proof and dustproof body.

– One year of warranty.

– Available in five colors.

– Portable and light-weighted design.


– Not the latest Bluetooth version.

3. JBL Clip 3 Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

best bluetooth speakers under 3000

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Creative JBL flip 3 is an ultra-portable wireless speaker with an affordable price that offers JBL surround sound to play engaging music and an inbuilt mic helps you receive incoming calls directly from the loudspeaker when it is connected to your smartphone. The 10 hours of battery life is enough to last all day long with a single charge and the IPX7 water certification guarantee protection against moisture and water, so you won’t have to worry about any water damage issues. Additionally, the speaker gives you eleven color choices to pick from to get an ideal speaker according to your desires making it the best Bluetooth speakers under 3000 India 2020 for daily use.


– 10 hours of battery life in optimal settings.

– Truly wireless JBL surround sound.

– Eleven color selections.

– Compact and portable frame.

– IPX7 water certification.


– Reach is decent.

4. boAt Stone SpinX 2.0 12W Portable Wireless Speaker

best bluetooth speakers under 3000

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The Boat Stones SpinX portable wireless speaker is a bass-boosted device that offers a rugged design in a small body that is ideal for offering 360 degrees of surround sound technology that can play up to 8 hours in best settings. The body is made from polycarbonate and rubber which can withstand any impacts and the splashes proof frame making the speaker long-lasting in the outdoor environment. The speaker has an inbuilt AUX and SD card slots that give universal connection throughout any device with a unique cylindrical design which is portable and ergonomic at the same time.


– 360° of surround sound speakers.

– IPX6 waterproof and splash resistant body.

– Eight hours of playback time.

– Ergonomic and portable, cylindrical shape.

– Bluetooth, AUX, and SD card connectivity.


– Bass can be a little loud.

5. Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Smart speaker

best bluetooth speakers under 3000

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The Amazon Echo dot is a third-generation smart speaker that helps you automate most of the things in your home. It gives you access to multiple voice commands with which you can perform any task remotely from your speaker, that’s why the Echo dot is one of the most popular Bluetooth speakers in the Indian market under 5000 rupees which makes it an ideal pick for most of the users. Additionally, the speaker is available in 4 colors that give you access to millions of songs by pairing your phone or connecting it with your WIFI.


– Voice command operations.

– Fast Bluetooth pairing.

– 3.5 mm Jack provided.

– RGB Lights makes its look premium.

– 360° of amplified sound.


– Does not have an Inbuilt battery.


That concludes our list of Top 5 Best Bluetooth speakers under 3000 in India that offers the right combination of features and performance on a portable device with a waterproofing and dust resistant body that will last long in your home. All the above wireless speakers have at least 7 to 10 hours of playback time with the most recent updated features that are available in the market to offer you an endless music experience.

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