September 23, 2020

Top 5 Best Earphones Under 500 In India

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Top 5 Best Earphones Under 500

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Are you on a strict budget and trying to get the best earphones under 500 decent sets of earbuds for less than 500 rupees? You don’t have to sacrifice features or quality, so don’t worry. The best earbuds under $500 that are readily accessible in India that provide excellent sound quality, comfort, and durability are listed in this article. Therefore, this list has you covered whether you love music, play video games, or just need a nice set of headphones for everyday usage.

Things to consider before buying an Earphones

There are a few important things to think about if you want to make sure you get the best earphone for under Rs 500 online. Start by searching the top 500 headphones with a microphone after looking through a variety of items online. This will help you choose earphones that suit your demands and price range.

  1. Build Quality: It’s crucial to consider the product’s build quality while buying earbuds online. Select earbuds that are composed of sturdy materials that resist normal wear and tear. Choose earbuds that are lightweight and pleasant to wear for long periods of time without becoming uncomfortable.
  2. Wire Quality: It’s important to buy earbuds with high-quality wires since poor wiring might produce distorted or low-quality music. Look for earbuds with strong, flexible wires that won’t fray or break even after extensive usage.
  3. Sound Quality: Any earphone must have good sound quality as a standard feature. A robust bass response and high-definition audio are things to look for in earbuds. Make that the earphones provide noise- and distortion-free, balanced, clear sound. If you want to adjust the sound quality, think of earbuds with a built-in equalizer or sound control.
  4. Microphone Quality: Look for earphone models with built-in microphones if you intend to use them for voice recordings or phone conversations. Make that the microphone enables hands-free calling and produces clear, noise-free audio.
  5. Bluetooth compatibility: Bluetooth-enabled earbuds provide more comfort and adaptability. However, it might be difficult to acquire premium Bluetooth earphones for less than Rs. 500. If you choose Bluetooth earphones, be sure the connection is reliable and smooth.
  6. Jack Type: The majority of earphones have a 3.5 mm jack as their kind. The jack on your headphones must be strong and robust in order to prevent harm to your phone or other electronics. Choose earphones with an angled connector to reduce the risk of breaking or bending them.
  7. Design: The earphones’ design should also be taken into account. Pick a design that is simple to transport and utilize while on the go. Think of earbuds that fit ergonomically and snugly in the ear canal to prevent discomfort.
  8. Frequency Range: The sound quality of the earphones is based on their frequency range. For optimum sound quality, look for earbuds with a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz.
  9. Additional Features: Consider purchasing earbuds with extra features like noise cancellation, water resistance, perspiration resistance, and strong bass. To get earbuds with superior sound quality, look for neodymium magnets. Make sure the earbuds are slip- and rust-resistant.
  10. Warranty: Prior to making a purchase, always review the manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions. For extra piece of mind, get earbuds with a guarantee that lasts at least six months to a year.It’s time to explore the best microphone-equipped earbuds for around Rs. 500 in India for 2023. We have everything you need, whether you’re looking for the finest earbuds for gaming or just the best earphones for your everyday music requirements.

Best Earphones under 500

1. Realme Buds 2 Neo Wired in Ear Earphones with Mic 

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Prepare yourself to listen to music in high fidelity with the Realme Buds 2 Neo in-ear headphones. Enjoy a full, deep, and powerful bass response with the huge 11.2mm multi-layer composite diaphragm bass boost driver. The best earphones under 500 have a single built-in remote for a simple call and audio control along with a 1.3m long cord constructed of very durable sweatproof TPU material. Additionally, the in-line HD microphone guarantees excellent calling. Choose the chic shade of blue to elevate your musical experience!

Large 11.2mm bass boost driver for powerful bassWired connection limits mobility
Multi-layer composite diaphragm for high-fidelity musicOnly available in one color (blue)
Inline remote for easy call and music controlNot Bluetooth enabled for wireless use
In-line HD microphone for clear callsEarbuds may not fit comfortably for all users
Sweatproof TPU material for durable cable

2. Boult Audio BassBuds X1 in-Ear Wired Earphones

Best Earphones under 500

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The ideal or the best earphones under 500 for your active lifestyle are here: Boult Audio Bassbuds! These earphones are equipped with in-line controls, ergonomic aerospace-grade drivers, and IPX5 water protection to withstand any adventure. The snug fit of the ear loops makes them perfect for activities like cycling, hiking, and jogging. Additionally, you’ll feel exceptionally punchy and deep bass thanks to Boult’s Neodymium technology. The built-in condenser microphone allows you to make calls that are incredibly clear and to use your voice assistant. These tangle-free earbuds are the ideal complement to your everyday routine thanks to their lightweight, cozy design and superior metallic finish.

Earloop design for a stable and secure fitAverage battery life of up to 7 hours
Punchy bass with warm mids and clear highsNo noise cancellation feature
IPX5 water-resistant for outdoor useLimited range of around 10 meters
Lightweight and comfortable to wearThe in-ear design may not be suitable for all users
Built-in microphone for HD calls and voice commandsEar loops may not fit all ear sizes and shapes

3. boAt Bassheads 100 in-Ear Wired Earphones with Mic(Furious Red)


Best Earphones under 500

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The BoAt Bassheads 100 in Ear Wired Earphones with Mic(Furious Red) are a fashionable and potent earphone that responds to the most demanding songs with a snappy, rhythmic response. It has an HD microphone for calls that are incomparably clear and an incredibly user-friendly button interface. You can easily plug it in any place with a 1.2-meter wire. The best earphones under 500 these earbuds have a superb fit and won’t irritate your ears even after several hours of listening. The wire cable’s superior coating increases its durability. It also has a one-year warranty. With these BoAt earphones in the “Hawk” style, stand out from the crowd.

Stylish design with various color optionsWired connection limits mobility
Powerful 10mm dynamic driver for punchy sound responseMay not fit comfortably for all users
User-friendly with one-click controlsNo volume control on the earphones
HD microphone for clear calls on-the-goNo noise-cancellation feature
1-year warranty from the manufacturerMay not be durable for long-term use

4. JBL C50HI, Wired in-Ear Headphones with Mic

Best Earphones under 500

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The C50HI wired in-ear headphones from JBL let you enjoy the company’s renowned audio. You may enjoy crystal clear conversations and immersive music with the best earphones under 500 its high clean bass and noise isolation microphone. The one-button universal remote control with a microphone makes it simple to handle calls and music and provides rapid access to Siri or Google Assistant. Three different ear tip sizes are included with these incredibly lightweight earbuds, ensuring a snug and pleasant fit. The high-quality dual cable guarantees a stable and long-lasting experience. With the JBL C50HI, you may enjoy the greatest audio and fashion.

JBL Signature Sound for high-quality audioNo volume control on the remote
High Clean Bass for an immersive music experienceWired headphones, which may not be convenient for some users
Noise Isolation Microphone for clear callsOnly available in black color
One-Button Universal Remote with Mic for easy controlNo sweat or water resistance
Quick Launch Access to Google Assistant / Siri
Ultra Lightweight and Comfortable with 3 sizes of ear tips
High Fidelity Twin Cable for better audio transmission

5. Xiaomi Wired in-Ear Earphones with Mic

Best Earphones under 500

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The Xiaomi Mi Earphones Basic delivers crisp, strong sound. These ergonomically inclined best earphones under 500 earbuds are slanted to fit comfortably in your ear canal and provide all-day comfort. You may get fantastic additional bass and clean sound for the ultimate music and calling experience thanks to a strong 10mm driver and aluminum sound chamber. High-quality silicone earbuds that are soft on the skin and offer a secure fit on the ears are included with the earphones. Your headphones will last a long time thanks to the L-shaped 3.5mm socket and 1.25-meter long cord. The in-line microphone, which works with Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones, has a sturdy multi-function button that you can use to play/pause music and answer/end conversations with a single push.

Ergonomic design for comfortable daily useNo wireless connectivity
L-shaped 3.5mm jack for strong and durable lifeLimited memory storage capacity (8GB)
Compatible with Android, iOS & Windows devicesNo noise-canceling feature
Aluminum sound chamber for super extra bassLimited color options (only available in black)
High-quality silicone earbuds for a comfortable fitThe microphone may not provide the best audio quality
In-line microphone and multi-function buttonLimited control options (only one button available)

Type of Earphones.

In the market, there are several varieties of earbuds. Among the most typical types are:

  1. In-ear earphones: Earphones that are worn in the ear canal directly offer great noise cancellation. They have high sound quality, are portable, and are lightweight.
  2. On-ear headphones: sometimes referred to as supra-aural headphones, are worn over the ear and offer a more realistic audio experience. They offer some noise isolation and are pleasant to wear.
  3. Over-ear headphones: sometimes referred to as circumaural earphones, totally encircle the ear and offer superior noise cancellation. They provide the greatest audio quality and are appropriate for usage in business settings.
  4. Wireless earphones: These earbuds link wirelessly to devices, doing away with the necessity for a cable connection. In comparison to corded earbuds, they may have lesser sound quality, but they do provide convenience and mobility.
  5. Sports earphones: These sweat- and water-resistant earbuds are made for people who are active. They frequently have components like ear hooks and ear fins to guarantee a tight fit when exercising.
  6. Noise-canceling earphones: These earbuds employ cutting-edge technology to block out background noise and deliver a richer music experience. They are particularly helpful for people who travel or work in loud areas.

The best earphone to use depends on a person’s preferences and needs because each type of earphone has pros and cons of its own.

Final Thought 

In conclusion for the best earphones under 500, it might be difficult to locate a nice set of earbuds for under 500 rupees, especially given the variety of possibilities on the market. However, with our list of the top earphones for under 500 rupees, you may quickly locate a set that meets your needs and price range. Our selection contains a range of earbuds that deliver excellent sound quality, dependability, and comfort, from wireless to wired, in-ear to over-ear. Just keep in mind to take your wants and tastes into account before deciding. You may listen to your preferred music, podcasts, and phone conversations without spending a fortune on the proper set of headphones.


Which are the best earphones under 500?

The Boult Audio BassBuds, boAt Bassheads 100, JBL C50HI, and Xiaomi Mi earbuds Basic are just a few of the high-quality earbuds that are readily available for less than $500. Your particular demands and tastes will determine which one is best.

Which earphone brand is better?

Since it varies on individual requirements and interests, it is challenging to single out one brand as the finest. Sony, JBL, Sennheiser, Bose, and Apple are a few well-known and reliable headphone manufacturers, although they are quite expensive.

Which boAt headphone is best under 500?

A well-liked and highly rated in-ear wired headset under 500, the boAt Bassheads 100 is renowned for its chic appearance, powerful bass, and cozy fit.

Which is the number 1 earphone?

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