Best Earphones Under 500 In India 2020 ( Top 5 )

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Best Earphones Under 500

If you are finding the best and top earphone under 500 with the best quality and sound. This the right palace to buy earphones at your price and you can easily purchase from this platform at the best price with top quality earphones, first of all, we will have to know about the earphone which earphone features to buying.

Purchase guide and features before buying an Earphone:

Before buying an earphone online, there are some things that need to be considered to guide you to buy the best earphone for less than Rs 500. You can find more products online there start scrolling down by selecting the best 500 headphones with a microphone.

  1. Product quality: Before buying products we always check the what is the quality of the earphone. The use of low-grade plastic items on the outside of the headphone makes the earphone break easily when kept in the pocket or pressed or accidentally pressed. we should always check the quality of earbuds we always take without paining the ear. Buy a lightweight earphone at an online store. Focusing on the built-in quality of the earphone will help you buy the best earphones under 500.
  1. Wire Quality: Errors in earphones come from poor phone quality. The use of low-quality telephone equipment causes internal damage to the device and this causes a person to feel very embarrassed when the sound does not reach the ears.
  1. Sound quality: We know that sound quality makes the best role for the best earphone. Most people search for less than 500 earphones for high-end buses, so buy an earphone with bass. Check the earphone for good sound clarity and sign in with proper earphone control. Some earphones are provided with a remote but in line on the phone to control music and playlists. It is best to buy an earphone less than 500 with HD audio quality and the earphone should have a sound detection method. Buy an earphone that can produce a clear and balanced sound. Audio quality monitoring is an important factor that will help you buy the best earphones under 500.
  1. Built-in microphone or microphone: Built-in microphone or microphone on the earphone will help you to manage the phone without hands. Before that, check for noise or distortion. Never look for an earphone that has a distortion of sound and buy and then look for an earphone with a built-in microphone or microphone with good sound quality. an earphone with good sound and sound quality features can make sound quality exchanges. Before you want to buy the best earphones under 500, and you need to think about the quality of the microphone.
  1. Bluetooth: There are very few earphones that you can get for less than Rs 500 with a Bluetooth connection. Buying and looking for the best earphone with a Bluetooth connection under 500 is very difficult to find if you are looking for a high-quality product. Or, if you want one, then you will get a poor quality product. Bluetooth headphones sometimes cause problems with the Bluetooth connection to the phone.
  1. Earphone Jack: Most earphone comes with a 3.5 mm jack. The earphone jack can be with an angled jack or a straight jack. It is best to hold the angled jack because it does not touch the inner phone of the phone. In order to purchase and select the best 500 earphones, it is important to find out the quality and type of jack they use in the system.
  1. Design: The design of the headphone is also an important factor that needs to be considered before buying and it is best to look for a well-designed portable earphone that can be used in the gym and for other activities.
  1. Distance frequency: The frequency range of the earphone varies greatly from 8 Hz to 20, 000Hz. You can choose the best earphones under 500 with a mic frequency range from 20 to 20,000 Hz
  1. Other Features: Also important before buying an earphone from the internet include a waterproof and non-sweat feature on the earphone, stereo sound, and more powerful buses on the earphone, good voice quality, and quality of earphone calls on the phone. Better Noise cancellation on earphones, rust, and resistance to slippery, lightweight, background noise cancellation are some of the features that need to be tested before looking for a good bass earphone. In addition, the presence of neodymium magnets in the ear canal will help to transmit strong sound. These are the factors that need to be tested before buying a high-quality earphone with the best of less than 500.

      10.Warranty: Check the earphone warranty before you buy online.

So now the turn to know the best earphones under 500 with a mic in India 2020 And the best earphones under 500 gaming  earphone

Best Earphones under 500

1. JBL C50HI in-Ear Headphones with Mic (Black)

best earphones under 500

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JBL was very popular among audiophiles with its high-quality ears and speakers. And I’m a huge fan of JBL’s ears because of its natural adjustment and balanced sound.

See Full Review: JBL C50HI

  • The design is very simple and functional, the company has not used any metal and texture to finish it, but that is not a bad thing – it still looks great with this simple design.
  • When it comes to the sound quality of the JBL C50HI, it works well for the price. The earphones come with an 8.6mm speaker driver, which brings audible and clear sound
  • The bass sound is moderate and deep and you don’t feel artificial, and the best thing is that you are not very high so you don’t have a lot of voice and movement power.
  • Quality is too good

2.Boult Audio BassBuds

best earphones under 500

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The boat is best known for making the bass earphone

  • The design of this earphone is very small. But at first glance, the design of these ears is inspired by the “hawk”, and yes it is.
  • All in all, it looks really decent with a minimal look and nice plastic construction.
  • It is very simple and comfortable
  • As the name suggests, earphones bring the best bass sound with all the balanced sound.
  • Bass sound is not heavy, and that is why voice and vibration are also weak. So, overall you get a batter list experience with a good bass effect.
  • Build scale, then look at a small film.

3. BoAt BassHeads 100

best earphones under 500

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  • One year warranty.
  • A great way to add some style and brightness to a crowd with the boAt BassHeads 100 “Hawk” inspired earphone
  • 100 BassHeads with Strained Cords is a clear fashion statement – dress up your mood with white and white juices
  • A powerful 10mm driver with the 16-ohm speaker
  • Includes HD microphone to make crystal clear calls – making life easier on the go, play/stop music or answer/end calls with a single click, double-click or 3-click back makes these earphones much easier
  • With a 1.2-meter-long cable now connecting anywhere easily – while earphones are easy to use and stylish, the premium wear of a telephone cable is a production process we have been developing and refining from the beginning of our company.
  • Its irresistible proportions will not allow you to remove these amazing earphones, they fit perfectly without damaging your ears with a perfect arc, with different ear tips that help you achieve maximum comfort even if you are listening for a long time

4.Realme Buds Classic

best earphones under 500

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  • Great 14.2mm driver that guarantees high-quality reliable music
  • A comfortable ear design ensures that even after several hours of use there is no discomfort
  • online HD microphone for crystal clear blasting experience
  • Rich Bass to enjoy the power of music
  • A single built-in remote control allows easy control of calls and music

5.Realme Earbuds

best earphones under 500

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  • The louder base is 160 with the high-frequency top quality of the sound and you can enjoy the music
  • Built-in Magnets: Enjoy India’s first magnetic earphones from a smartphone product in this price range; magnetic earbuds do air handling and repair
  • Frequency: 20-20,000Hz and cable length: 1.25 m
  • Three remote buttons: Manage your music, manage calls, and call your Google Assistant with three touch line buttons and a microphone
  • Iconic logo and clear earbuds
  • 6 months warranty


In this article, I tell you about the earphone what is the best and top earphone and I also talk about which features before buying you should know I tell you with that feature which earphone you should buy under your budgets and I hope you like that my collection of best earphone India 2020. Thank you.

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