Best Feature Phone Under 10000 in India 2020

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Best feature phone under 10000

Everyone is trying to find a good secondary phone that is durable and secured to use for making private calls and messages to their family and friends. So today we have brought some of the best-featured phones under 10000 for classic mobile fans that offer good 2G connectivity and battery life under a budget price that can be used on a daily basis. This article contains recently launched featured phones to give you an updated overview of keypad phones which are ranking best in 2020 India.

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✔ Featured phones are comparatively safe and provide much more privacy than in Android smartphones because the data that users say on a keyboard phone is relatively much lower and it always stays in the offline memory of the phone which cannot be accessed from any remote user.

✔ One of the main selling points of keypad phones is their battery life since they don’t have large LED screens and other elements that waste your battery in modern smartphones. Some branded keypad phones offer a battery life of up to months in standby mode, so you can always trust them to stay by your side, even if you forgot to charge them.

✔ Keypad phones are highly durable with shockproof and long-lasting design since they offer fewer parts than modern smartphones. So even if you accidentally dropped your phone, there is very little chance that it would get damaged by a single fall.

✔ Some of the most trusted brands for keypad phones are Reliance, Samsung, Blackberry Micromax, Nokia, Intex, etc. which are currently competing for the top spot in the featured phone industry that you can take advantage of buying your best feature phone in India at a reasonable price.

Top 5 Best feature phone under 10000 in India – Review

1. Nokia 105

best feature phone under 10000

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Nokia once dominated the entire mobile market with some of its masterpieces like the Nokia 105 that has a 1.8 inches of display with a good resolution and an adequate keyboard to maximize your productivity. It has all the basic features of a normal phone with a compact design to easily fit in your pockets. The strong and sturdy design of Nokia 105 is on another level and the great internal memory allows you to easily store all your messages and contacts on your device making it one of the tops picks for anyone on a budget.


– 1.8 inches of display

– Long battery life

– Wireless FM radio

– Descent storage.

– One year of warranty.


– Decent battery life

– Single SIM slot

2. Nokia 3310

best feature phone under 10000

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The Nokia 3310 is a stylish, modern, and compact mobile phone which comes with 2G connectivity and a decent battery life that can easily offer 14 hours of talk time. Apart from the desire, it is one of the top featured phones in the budget-friendly price range which makes it the best Android phone under 10000 with a manual keyboard to help you type faster. A single charge can last up to 25 days on standby mode and the good storage allows you to store multiple messages and audio files directly in your feature phone.


– 2.4 inches of the curved-screen

– Inbuilt FM Radio and MP3 Player

– One year of warranty

– Dual SIM slot

– Four color options

– Manual touch-sensitive keypad


– Speakers could have been better

– No USB Type-C charging

3. Samsung Metro 313

best feature phone under 10000

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The Samsung metro 313 is another great choice if you are looking for the best keyboard phone with a classic appearance and some of the great features that it comes with. The two inches of display and the dual sim connection with 2G support is sufficient for everyday use. This phone has a 0.3 megapixel of primary camera with speaker grills to give you both good image and audio quality and the compact design is perfect for carrying it around with a removable battery which makes it the best smartphone under 15000 in India from a good brand.


– 2 inches of display

– Dual SIM with 2G support

– Removable battery

– Inbuilt Radio

– Compact design


– Traditional design

– Low camera quality

4. Nokia 5310

best feature phone under 10000

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The Nokia 5310 comes with a sleek and elegant design that can be used as a daily phone due to its amazing features. The 2.4 inches of the display provides an enjoyable experience for everyday usage with a wireless radio, so you will never get bored on your phone and the good battery life is enough to last for weeks without charging in standby mode. It is very durable and light-weighted with the most amazing keyboard that you have ever seen in a featured phone which is ideal for any normal user.


– MP3 player with FM radio

– Elegant and clean look

– Durable phone

– Good battery life

– Inbuilt featured camera

– 2.4 inches of screen size


– Expensive than other phones on the list

– Curved display can make it a bit weak

5. Micromax X741

best feature phone under 10000

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Micromax has produced some of the best features phones in the industry and one of them is Micromax x741. The phone comes with 2.4 inches of display with an inbuilt audio and video player to entertain you without any charge. It offers a warranty of one year with an elegant design that provides long-lasting usage due to its durable and compact construction. Additionally, the numeric keypad is amazing for typing, and the back camera clicks decent images for a budget-friendly phone.


– 2.4 inches of a bright display

– Inbuilt video and audio player

– Wireless FM Radio

– Numeric keypad

– Single-camera setup

– One year of warranty


– Design is a bit old

– Battery could have been better


Modern smartphones have features that are difficult for many users to understand and some of the customers want a secure and budget-friendly phone that can endure any fall and stay unharmed. That’s why we have brought you the list of best features phones under 10000 in India which is a great alternative for modern smartphones for any basic users.

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