Best Foot Massager In India 2020

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Best Foot Massager In India 2020

Most of the people in modern days are busy in their day-to-day life and they don’t get to spend time relaxing their bodies which leads to poor skin and health conditions.

However buying a foot massager can be quite a difficult job because you have to consider factors like size, shape, type, and many others depending upon your needs which could waste a lot of time of your in selecting an ideal product for yourself.

That’s why we bring you the best foot massager in India 2020 that you can buy right now at an affordable price to get a premium relaxing therapy directly from your home daily.

Buying Guide

These are some of the basic features that a buyer needs to look out for before selecting their best foot massager in India to get an ideal deal with all the features that you might need in a perfect price range.

Design & Built Quality

Each and every foot massager features a different design but you should look for a compact and ergonomic frame that can be placed anywhere around your room while it is not being used by you or any other family member and strong built quality that could last longer even on daily usage.


It is an important factor because if your foot massager’s frame is higher, then you will be able to cover more areas of your foot without adjusting then cushions. But bigger foot massagers cost higher so you have to find the right balance between height and piece to make a perfect decision.


User-friendly control is always preferred for foot massager because most of your family members will be using it due to which you should get foot massages that offer an easy to access controls most to run automatic programs on your machine with a wireless remote.


Maintenance is a factor that some people forget that you need to look out for before buying any foot massager because you have to clean and maintain it to increase its service life. The best way to deal with maintenance is by choosing a liter model for your foot massager because you can move it around to clean it and maintain a hygienic environment.

Top 5 best foot massager in India 2020 Review

1. Lifelong LLM99 Foot, Calf and Leg Massager

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Lifelong foot massager, India is a brand that has spent 30 years building quality foot massager in the industry to improve blood circulation and tight muscles with its integrated rubber pads that are designed to provide comfort after a long workday. The leg massager has an inbuilt warming feature that keeps your feet warm to increase the effects of the massage and the durable rubber pads come with an adjustable mechanism to provide you more support making it one of the best foot massager in India.


– Features washable fabric.

– Adjustable seating for better comfort.

– Inbuilt LED display.

– Multiple massage modes improves circulation.

– 15 Min. of auto-shutoff program.


– Heavy and bulky frame.

2. JSB Leg Foot and Calf Massager Machine for Pain Relief

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The JSB foot massager India is a big brand that makes exclusive foot massager with great flexibility and durability. Also, it has 3 different settings to change the vibration mode which will allow you to use different grips on your legs and calf muscles to effectively smoothen out your tired leg mussels. Moreover, the foot massager features a set of durable motors that outperform other competitors which you can also use while sleeping making it an ideal massages that anyone can use.


– Stylish look with a control panel.

– Features an adjustable handle.

– One year of warranty.

– Waterproof fabric.

– Special roller plate massage for the foot.


– Not energy efficient.

3. AGARO Foldable Leg & Calf Massager

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AGARO Foldable Leg & Calf Massager is one of the best electric foot massager India because of the compatible design that allows you to easily store it in any place and the massage cushions are comfortable enough to use it for longer periods on your legs. In addition, the smart roller is capable enough to pressure the vital points on your foot to improve blood circulation, relax your muscles, and boost your metabolism which will make your skin healthy and your body will feel less stiff in the morning.


– Washable foot sleeves.

– Air compressor with the heating kit.

– One year of warranty.

– Features rolling & vibration therapy.

– Foldable and compact frame.


– Not suitable for the upper leg massage.

4. HealthSense Elegant Leg & Foot Massager

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HealthSense is a big brand that specifies in health and care products by giving you specially designed feet foot massager that you can also use on your ankles and calves which makes it more productive than other competitors. The foot massager is designed perfectly to fit on your legs and you can also use it on your hands because it a multipurpose design that offers a strong shaking mechanism to reduce pain and stress from your body.


– Ergonomic and luxurious design.

– Offers full legs massage.

– Up to 30 combinations of programs.

– Inbuilt heating technology.


– Expensive than other models.

5. JSB HF72 Leg and Foot Massager

best foot massager in india

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JSB Leg and Foot Massager is another great product that is made from high-quality material with a compact design which could be placed anywhere around your room after use due to its light-weighted design. It features an auto turn-off setting that activates after 15 minutes of use to remind you about your time with a one-year product warranty by the company that ensures a long lasting foot manager for general users. The fabric of the foot massager is made from three different materials to offer a hygienic and comfortable massaging experience on a daily basis.


– Features an LCD display.

– Compact and light-weighted.

– One year of warranty.

– Releases pain and improves circulation.


– No calf massage.


Each and every individual in this country deserves a relaxing time on their daily routine since it would help them to improve their productivity and happiness in other areas of life. Our top 5 list contains some of the best foot massagers in India that are equipped with the latest technologies to ensure a comfortable massage experience for the customer.

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