Best Kitchen Chimney In India 2020

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Best Kitchen Chimney In India

Food is a daily necessity of our life and everyone loves to eat homemade food but cooking food in your kitchen may be harmful to your body since many toxins are released in the air by hot metals. A chimney could be your greatest solution for solving this problem as it removes all the toxic and warm air from your kitchen and helps you stay healthy while protects your walls from stains.

Kitchen Chimney’s come in various shapes and sizes with multiple functionalities which could confuse the buyer to choose one, so we made this guide to help you find your best kitchen chimney in India. The guide covers an overview of kitchen chimneys that will make you understand some nice features of kitchen chimney which you can use later to compare different chimneys to find your best pick.

Buying Guide

Before buying a kitchen chimney, you need to take these factors into account. Remember to check all the pros and cons of a kitchen chimney to find your personal best kitchen chimney brand in India 2020.

Chimney size

You need to have the right amount of space for your chimney to fit in your kitchen. The area of your fireplace also affects the suction power and size of the kitchen chimney. If you have the right space then go for a large chimney but if your kitchen size is small or medium then you have to choose accordingly. Larger Kitchen Chimneys are more powerful and keep the air cleaner but they also require a lot of space to install.

Suction power

Suction power is one of the most important points that you need to check before buying a kitchen chimney because if you have a chimney with low suction then it will be useless to you. There is no point in buying a kitchen chimney with little suction, so try to always get a powerful suction. The suction power will also depend upon your frequency of cooking and the size of the kitchen. If you have a large kitchen then you have to go for high-end suction but if your kitchen is small or moderately sized then you can have an ordinary chimney.

Chimney noise

Some kitchen Chimneys can be annoying with there loud fan noise. Before buying check your chimney noise so afterward you won’t have to regret it. Most companies have a base noise of 60 DB or less. The ideal chimney should have less than 60 DB of noise or it will not distract users from focusing on cooking.


The filter makes the air clean and reduces toxins before they release the smoke in the environment. A low-quality filter will cause health and pollution issues, so to avoid these problems buy a chimney with a good filter and clean the filter every year to maintain its good features.

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Top 5 Kitchen Chimneys to buy

1. SURYA TD-1400 Auto clean Kitchen Chimney

Best Kitchen Chimney In India

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SURYA Kitchen Chimney comes with a hand sensor so you don’t have to touch the chimney multiple times to start it. You can control all functions by simply swiping from left to right or vice versa with the help of a motion sensor board. The black separating filter is made of stainless steel and the three power option makes the ideal chimney for anyone.


– Tempered glass body with matt black finish.

– Light-weighted almunium filters.

– Energy Saving Long Frosted LED Lights.

– Makes less noise.

– Dust and finger-print proof

– Up to 5 years of guarantee


– Take a lot of space.

2. KAFF NOVA SV 60 Full Black Kitchen Chimney

Best Kitchen Chimney In India

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The beautiful KAFF kitchen chimney is fully made of tempered glass with a matte black finish that gives it a rust-free coating. The super fast amulet LED display is responsive to touch and its motor is very efficient. The slim design of the chimney will make your kitchen look expensive and clean to any guest. Perfect for any modern kitchen with a
stunningly slim design.


– Wave sensor for freehand control.

– Stainless steel matt black design.

– Auto clean with just the press of a button.

– Big and powerful suction.

– Three-speed controls.


– No free installation.

3. GLEN 60 cm Auto clean Chimney

Best Kitchen Chimney In India

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If you are looking for a chimney that makes filter cleaning easy, the Glen Auto Clean chimney is your best choice. It is an unfiltered chimney and has an external oil collection tray for collecting oil and grease particles. The powerful 150 W motor ensures low noise suction power. This kitchen chimney comes with a 5-year warranty. Touch control with motion sensor for hands-free usage.


– Slim and light waited for frames.

– Energy-efficient due to LED Display.

– Touch controls.

– Matt black finish with amazing design.


– It’s a bit loud than other models on the list.

4. SURYA Model Kitchen Chimney

Best Kitchen Chimney In India

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The instant electric chimney from Surya is equipped with Xifo technology and the latest safety and convenience functions that ensure a long life for your chimney. It has powerful suction and the strongly sealed motor made of pure copper makes less noise. The self-cleaning with a Stainless steel design and a fingerprint sensor makes it one of the best chimneys of the list.


– Pure copper energy-efficient motors.

– Powerful suction capacity.

– Auto clean mode.

– Fingerprint proof and rustproof stainless steel frame.

– Made in India.

– Up to 5 years of warranty.


– No filters were provided.

5. Kaff ACE BF 60 Heavy Duty Kitchen Chimney

Best Kitchen Chimney In India

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The matte black Kaff ACE heavy-duty chimney has a dust and water-resistant body. It’s soft push controls give it a luxurious look for the buyer’s kitchen. LED light display is efficient and bright at the same time which gives you several controls for the user to access many functions of the chimney with ease.


– Sleek design with a matte black finish.

– Heavy-duty baffle filters.

– Black curved tempered glass roof.

– Energy-saving LED display.

– Rust Proof with a strong frame.


– No motion sensor for freehand use.


A modern kitchen is incomplete without a chimney. The kitchen chimneys look fantastic in a kitchen while making the bad air and heat go outside. After seeing the rise in demand for kitchen chimneys we have made a list of auto clean best kitchen chimneys in India to make everyone’s kitchen look good. To pick an ideal kitchen chimney you have to look at its size, shape, noise, power consumption, and filters before making your decision.

Buying Guide

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