Best Massage Chair India 2021

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Best Massage Chair India 2021

If you are planning to buy the best massage chair India 2021. Massage Chairs come in different shapes, designs and sizes. There are many options available to the users for choosing the most suitable Massage Chairs that are best suited for their body massage requirements. One can get a massage chair at a very reasonable price from a reputed online store. If one visits a store personally, he can also compare the Massage Chairs with the help of various types of chairs in the showrooms. The customer needs to know India’s Massage Chair India price to select the most suitable massage chair for his body massage needs.

Some of India’s popular massage chair brands are Sanyo massage chair, Omega Massage chair, Oma’s massage chair, Omega zero gravity massage chair, and many more. One needs to consider the main components of a full-body massage chair before purchasing one. They include seats, backrest, armrests, footrests, seat pan, hand grips, foot massagers, and many other essential features. These essential components of the massage chair have to be selected based on the massage requirements of a person.

The other essential thing that must be kept in mind while buying a full-body massage chair in India is the warranty period, comfort, and model type. A good customer always understands the needs and requirements of his body. So he will consider the massage chair type, comfort, warranty, and motor power before purchasing the chair. Massage chair manufacturers of India are progressing day by day and are producing top-quality Massage Chairs at very reasonable prices. An authorized online dealer can easily find the full body massage chair in India at the best price.


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RoboTouch Dreamwave 3D Ultra Luxury Automatic Full Body Massage Chair


New Vintage 4D Plus Intelligent Full Body Massage Chair


SOBO HJ 75 Full body massage chair


RoboTouch Zest Luxury Full Body Massage Chair with Voice Command


iRobo iElegant Massage Chair


BOYFRIEND MOM 4D Massage Chair


Lixo Massage Chair - LI4455


KosmoCare Zero Gravity Chair


RoboTouch Urban Full Body Massage Chair


KosmoCare Shiatsu Massage chair for Stress Relief

How to Select Best Massage Chair

How to Select Best Massage Chair – Top 10 Best Massage Chairs you should know before buying one? With a bit of research, you would find answers to all these questions, and thus you can make an informed decision before buying your favorite massage chair. Most chairs have a plastic base with foam at the backrest for support. Depending on the chair model, different backrest options would also be available.

The next factor to consider is the “hinge” option in the entire body massage chair. The “hinge” is the part that connects the chair to the massage table. This part helps to reduce the discomfort and pressure while you lie on the table, especially if it is a deeper massage. Most massage chairs that are sold in the market have adjustable heels. Before purchase, you should check the heel’s height, as higher heels usually mean better support and comfort.

It is important to note that most massage chair manufacturers use the same “hinge” system, but each has a slightly different approach. One of the best massage chairs that you can get is the RoboTouch Zest Elite Luxury Full Body Massage Chair, which has a fully automated massage system including full body shiatsu, neck, shoulders, and feet massaging options. Another good option is the Care Fijiluxion Low-Pressure Shower Massage Chair, which has an automated shiatsu system that can massage the head and shoulders. To know more about these massage chairs, visit the website below.

1. RoboTouch Dreamwave 3D Ultra Luxury Automatic Full Body Massage Chair

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With the RoboTouch Dreamwave 3D Ultra Luxury Automatic Full Body Massage Chair, you are given the added advantage of having massaging chairs for every part of your body. The Dreamwave is not a simple electric massage chair, as is the common misconception. It has two massage jets that operate independently and in parallel to give you full body massage. The two massage jets can be individually triggered or simultaneously, which gives you a variety of massage treatments with the prices at par with other entire body massage chair options. You can get a thorough body massage using the Deep Tissue massage option, while the Lomi massage is ideal for particular areas like the neck and back.

The Dreamwave Automatic Full Body Massage Chair comes with an additional deluxe ergonomic foot pedal that gives you improved posture, relieves sore feet, and improves blood circulation. It also adds extra padding over your feet for better comfort. The chair is made with removable leather skin, so you can take it with you when you move from one place to another. The chair is also equipped with a preload system to accommodate heavy people and individuals who are obese.

Robotech is a leading manufacturer of full body massage chair options and is well known for its high-quality massage chair options. A Dreamwave Automatic Full Body Massage Chair is designed to give the user full body massage, stretching, and massage therapy at home, thanks to the massaging jets that run independently. Robotech is a company owned by Mr. Prem Chopra, who is well known for his technological innovations and knowledge of wheelchair users.

Key Features:-

  • Premium Zero Gravity massage
  • Clever 3D mechanical massage
  • 6 sorts of massage methods
  • Bluetooth operates an audio system on both sides
  • Free installation design
  • Zero space consuming
  • 3D technical hands
  • Weight limit

2. New Vintage 4D Plus Intelligent Full Body Massage Chair

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The New Vintage 4D Plus Intelligent Full Body Massage Chair is an innovative and advanced full body massage chair designed with a user-centric approach, incorporating advanced therapeutic techniques with traditional massage chair features. It has a patented rolling system that provides full body massage and relaxation by deploying a hydraulic system. It provides for a unique, individualized massage experience every time.

The 4d plus is sold at an affordable price in India and offers a better massage experience than its competitors in the market. The chair is available at a discounted price in India. There are several leading brands selling Plus and Smart Chair in India. These include Relife, Omaxe, iMed-Sciences, and more.

The massaging chair is accompanied by a foot spa, which offers users the opportunity to indulge in a body massage using a vibration pump. The Smart Chair has a remote-controlled programmable seat with a touchpad and includes four D-cell rechargeable batteries. With a touchpad, the user can program the massage rate and the length of the massage duration. With a single touch, the remote control allows for the selection of any of over 50 massage therapies, including Swedish, shiatsu, reflexology, and more.

With the installation of this chair, one can enjoy a full-body massage with maximum comfort. The chair also contains a high-precision electronic remote control. One can adjust the chair’s seat tilt and pan to change the massage mode from easy to intense.

Key Features:-

  • 360º warm foot therapy
  • Green, energy-saving technology
  • Relieving and relaxing music massage
  • Its working power is 240 W
  • Voice Control Massage
  • Elegant design
  • Expensive

3. SOBO HJ 75 Full body massage chair

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The SOBO HJ 75 Full body massage chair is a unique chair equipped with all the modern luxuries and innovative technologies for a full-body massage. The chair is accompanied by remote control so that the massage chair users can perform their massage with the help of their remote control. The remote control enables the users to manipulate the chair’s seat pan, thus allowing them to control the movement of the chair and the amount of massage. It is, in fact, a remarkable advancement for the massage chair market in India.

The best place to buy a full-body massage chair is an online shopping store, as you would get access to many models. The massage chair price in India also depends on the additional equipment with the chair, such as massager and shiatsu roller. An essential advantage of buying your massage chair online is that you can check out the chair in person before purchasing it and then decide upon its price.

Before buying a full-body massage chair, you should first check out all the options available. If you are unsure what kind of massage chair suits you and your family the best, you can browse through the online stores and search for reviews of these chairs to find the best one suitable for you. Once you have made up your mind, you can go online shopping and get all the details regarding the model, price, features, warranty, etc. You could also look for special discounts and offers to make your chair even more affordable.

Key Features:-

  • 4D technology Super Track Long Track
  • 79 AirBag Leg Extension
  • 220mm, Micro Space Forwarding Technology
  • Kneading Massage
  • Sliding Tapping
  • Shiatsu Relieve
  • None

4. RoboTouch Zest Luxury Full Body Massage Chair with Voice Command

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Robotech Zest Luxury Full Body Massage Chair with Voice Command is a therapeutic massage chair. It was introduced by Intermezzo Company Limited in 2021 and offered various types of therapeutic massages. The chair has an automatic sensor that detects muscle tension and delivers relaxing massage chair therapy to the consumer. This new chair offers consumers several options and a whole lot of variety. It has an added function where it can also be programmed to perform as a pedometer.

This chair was introduced along with other entire body massage chair brands like Sanyo, Omega, etc. The brand has received positive reviews from customers and is considered a luxury massage chair. There are various models available from this brand. A consumer can purchase any of these chairs depending on their needs. Some of these chairs have additional features like built-in speakers, built-in radio, video speakers, foot massagers, and temperature controls that make the chairs more comfortable for users.

The full-body massage chair prices in India are pretty reasonable when compared to other leading brands. The massage chair prices in India are further lower than in the U.S., U.K., and other European countries.

Key Features:-

  • Intelligent muted massage hands
  • It is designed with 10 automatic modes
  • Airbag massage
  • Dream mode
  • Health recharging
  • Vertical care
  • Swing mode
  • Slight expensive

5. iRobo iElegant Massage Chair

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The iRobo iElegant Massage Chair has become one of the most popular massage chair models in the world. It is designed for home use in massage chair factories around the world. The iRobot iElegant Massage Chair is an interactive, advanced, and interactive massage chair that helps in providing full body massage. This chair is equipped with a built-in body scan which allows it to know the massages needed to treat various aches and pains in the human body. As such, this chair has attained a good market share even in a challenging and competitive market.

The iRobot iElegant Massage Chair is also highly versatile as it is designed for use at home or in massage chair factories around the world. One can get the iRobot iElegant Massage Chair at a very reasonable price through online shopping or malls. This chair has many advantages over traditional massage chairs. These include a more extensive body scan and are more interactive, thus allowing the user to enjoy a full body massage without necessarily moving their legs.

The iRobot iElegant Massage Chair is fully programmable and can be programmed to perform several different massage treatments depending on its owner’s preferences. This chair can be used by adults and children at home or at massage centers around the world. The chair also comes with remote control, allowing users to perform massage treatments without contacting any massage tools. It makes the iRobot iElegant Massage Chair one of the best-selling chairs among consumers. The best way to buy this chair is either through factory outlets or on the Internet.

Key Features:-

  • Intelligent Human hand
  • 3D Massage Mechanism
  • Super Long S+L Track
  • Space Saving Tech
  • Zero Gravity Tech
  • Full Body Air Massage
  • No such cons

6. BOYFRIEND MOM 4D Massage Chair

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The Boyfriend massage chair is not a new name to massage lovers, but it has gained popularity over the last few years. There are many massaging chairs available, and one needs to be careful while choosing the best for one’s requirements. This is because many fraudulent companies sell cheap and poor-quality massage chairs. One needs to do proper research and comparison before buying a full body massage chair.

BOYFRIEND MOM 4D Massage Chair uses kneading, tapping, and a full body massage chair with unique technology that delivers a pain-free and relaxing back massage. There are three kinds of massage seats available: upright, lying back, and reclining massage seats. All three kinds of massage chairs have their features, but interestingly, the Full body massage chair has a unique zero-gravity base that enables one to lie on it while they are lying on the floor. It also offers a footrest, a must-have feature for massage lovers as it offers excellent comfort when one lies on it with the feet resting flat on the floor.

When the customer decides to buy a body massage chair, he must choose from various chairs, including upright and lying back massage chairs. He also has to choose a chair with unique features like adjustable height, full-body massage chair, adjustable armrest, vibration control, heat up and cool down modes, adjustable headrest, and many more. One can also get a full body massage chair with a motor that has a remote control. Most motorized chairs come with automatic heat up and heat down features. It helps one to save energy and money as well.

Key Features:-

  • The 4D chair has a head massage
  • It helps in relieving muscle tension
  • Calf Rollers
  • Comfortable chair
  • Airbag technology is good
  • Delivery and installation was quick
  • The chair reclines entirely in the starting

7. Lixo Massage Chair – LI4455

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Lixo Massage Chair – LI4455 is a brand of massage chair. It was introduced in India in 1998, and it has gradually gained popularity in the market of massage chairs. Ravi Verma and his team designed this massage chair. It offers a full body massage chair that offers all the massage therapies to the customers that help relieve tension in the neck and shoulders and the back. The entire body massage chair offers various types of massages along with pressure adjustments so that you can feel at ease after getting your massage.

The Lixo Massage Chair Price in India is very reasonable and affordable. This massage chair uses the remote control as its source of power. These recliners come with full body massage, which offers a deep tissue massage mechanism that helps relax the muscles and the joints and reduces the stress levels in the body. This recliner also has a double sensing mechanism that allows the motor to increase or decrease to provide a comfortable massage slowly.

Lixo Massage Chair Price in India is very affordable, and it is the best option if you want to have a full body massage chair at home without spending too much money. Lixo massage chair comes with a remote control that allows you to adjust the speed of the motor depending on how you would like to relax. It also contains a quality assured ergonomic design, an automatic stretching system, and a back and shoulder massage that provides relief to the user.

Key Features:-

  • Two Kinds Of Zero Gravity
  • The Touch and Go six Automatic
  • Own Massage Spa Manual Customization
  • Has back heating
  • Fire-proof materials
  • Will not pinch your skin
  • Excess power usage

8. KosmoCare Zero Gravity Chair

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KosmoCare Zero Gravity Massage Chair is an excellent massage chair. The seat is very comfortable with a very wide recline, and it has some cool gadgets to help massage areas that may be hard to reach. The armrests are also quite lovely, and they move back and forth to different massage parts of the body. The heat pump on the back is not loud, but it works quickly to keep you warm. There are five heat settings, and the seat is heated as you a massage.

This KosmoCare zero gravity massage chair is all it is cracked up to be. I bought it because I wanted to try it out on my colleague, and she was pleased with the chair. It took about 20 minutes for her to be fully aroused from the massage, and it produced enough blood circulation to get her ready for another round. Since then, she has loved it, and it has been great for her overall blood circulation and relaxation.

If you want something more comfortable than the standard massage chair and don’t mind spending a little more, you might want to consider purchasing the KosmoCare UltraLift entire body massage chair. It is very similar to the Zero Gravity Chair, except it also has an airbag system and massaging wheels which can increase the amount of pleasure that your recipient gets from using this chair.

Key Features:-

  • 6 Roller Back Massage Mechanism
  • 34 Total Airbag Massage System
  • 320 lbs Capacity
  • Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair
  • It comes with Heat Therapy
  • No 4D Technology

9. RoboTouch Urban Full Body Massage Chair

massage chair india

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Robotech Urban Full Body Massage Chair promises to deliver state-of-the-art massage therapy to its users. This massage chair was first introduced in India in 2021, and it has so far been trendy. A full body massage chair, just like the RoboTouch, is a recliner type of chair equipped with all the essential features required for a full body massage chair. It also comes with the requisite number of massage chairs designed by the customer’s specifications.

The principal difference between this chair and other full-body massage chairs is that the former comes with two different chairs – the Roboquad gravity chair and the Roboquad rolling motion chair. The gravity chair is fitted with two separate recliners, which are moved upwards and downwards by a mechanical force. This motion gently massages the back part of the user. The Roboquad rolling motion chair comes with a single recliner, moved back and forth by a robotic arm.

The first factor is affordability and the second factor is the service of the brand. In the case of RoboTouch Full Body Massage Chair, it has been repeatedly rated as one of the best full-size massage chairs available in the market and one of the best ones that are sold for the best prices.

  • Human-like massage
  • Zero gravity
  • Heat therapy
  • Full body massage
  • None

10. KosmoCare Shiatsu Massage chair for Stress Relief

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If you are looking for a cheap full-body massage chair with a little bit of added luxury, then this KosmoCare Shiatsu Massage chair for Stress Relief is just for you. Let us go over its features in this easy-to-understand massage chair price in India review. Features: This massage chair offers: If you’re looking for the best cheap entire body massage chair with some touch of extra luxury, this is the right one for you. Let read more about it below in this quick shiatsu massage chair price in India review.

The KosmoCare Shiatsu Massage chair brings back the real essence of Japanese massage therapies. A combination of acupressure and pressure points therapy is combined with advanced technologies such as heat energy recovery system and Swedish massage technique. Its motor is built so that anyone can use it, from younger kids to older people. It is a quiet and smooth operation with an inbuilt sensor that helps track movements made by the user. The five advanced massage techniques are easily accessible. Its heat energy recovery system also ensures a longer lifespan for this massage chair.

It comes with remote control and an audio feature that helps in enjoying a soothing chair massage. You can even combine its heat and moisture systems with its air pressure massage chair. It is a good buy and is recommended by many people across the globe as a perfect choice to cure all your aches and pains.

Key Features:-

  • 5 Massage Techniques
  • Includes 6 Seat Airbags and 24 legrest Airbags
  • Pressing Massaging on head
  • Easy remote control
  • Body scan technology
  • 3-levels of a wide range
  • Expensive


As you are aware of the fact that massage chairs have been the center of attraction for people having a long day at the office or any other place where rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation are required, now the question arises whether you have to pay a heavy price for a massage chair in India? Suppose you are aware that these chairs are gaining popularity rapidly in the US and other European countries but not in India. In that case, you will be surprised to know that massage chair prices in India are very affordable compared to those of massage chairs found in the US and Europe.

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