Best Single Door Refrigerator In India under 10000

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Best Single Door Refrigerator In India Under 10000

Single Door refrigerators are a basic necessity for an average home since they keep your food healthy and fresh for longer periods while not using too much electricity in the process. If you are searching for the Best Single Door Refrigerator In India under 10000 then you are at the right place because in this article we have covered some of the amazing fridges that you can buy right now to get an ideal deal for your kitchen. Our list contains some great refrigerator brands in India that provide good energy efficiency with beautiful designs.

Buyers Guide

‣ Look for or an energy-efficient refrigerator which will save you money in the long run as good refrigerators have at least 3 stars which shows that they economical and their compressor is is of good quality.

‣ Try to buy refrigerators of good brands which will give you a good warranty on their products and they ensure a stable compressor which will long last and help you cool your fridge more efficiently.

‣ Refrigerators are sold in a variety of shapes and sizes but for different sizes of families, there are different refrigerators that you should consider buying before selecting your best refrigerator under 15000. If you are a bachelor then you can buy a fridge of 55 liters or above and if you have a moderately sized family then look for a fridge around 100 to 200 liters of storage.

‣ Defrosting is a common feature that everyone should look in their refrigerator as it helps you remove any exercise ice that may have formed in the freezer. Some manufacturers provide manual defrosting but you should always look for inbuilt defrosting options to get a user-friendly refrigerator which you don’t have to clean yourself.

1. Haier 170 L 2 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Best Single Door Refrigerator In India under 10000

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The Haier direct cool one door refrigerator comes with a sleek and artistic design that can easily attract anyone with its colors which will make your kitchen modern and luxurious. The one door freezer has a good cooling and refrigeration system that ensures better ice formation and super-fast cooling with diamond edge freezing technology for making the foods and vegetables fresh for longer periods. Also, the freezer comes with an inbuilt defrost system which makes it the best refrigerator under 12000 that can easily satisfy your daily needs by keeping your food clean and healthy.


– Superfast cooling with Dimond edge freezing technology.

– Capacity of 170L, suitable for moderate families.

– Holds temperature for a long time in power outages.

– 10 years of compressor warranty and one year of fridge warranty.

– Optimum cooling with a powerful compressor.


– The energy efficiency could be a little higher.

2. Godrej 99L 1 Star ( 2019 ) Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Best Single Door Refrigerator In India under 10000

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The Godrej single door refrigerator can work without the use of a stabilizer that can operate on low voltages while giving you a unique and amazing refrigeration technology that saves energy in the long term usage. The single door direct current refrigerator has a thick polyethylene foam insulation within the layers to efficiently keep the temperature low while providing better cooling opportunities in the same amount of time. The refrigerators are fit for small families and it requires a manual defrost station that can be done by using the user manual provided with the box.


– Powerful cooling with a good compressor.

– Compact size can fit in any kitchen.

– Inbuilt stabilizer is provided.

– Highly efficient refrigerator.

– Strong wired shelves and veritable tray.


– Manual Defrosting.

– Moderate 99L of capacity, suitable for small families.

3. Haier 181 L 2 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

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The Haier direct cool single door refrigerator hazard 181-liter capacity which is suitable for small to middle range families as a smart and super fast cooling system that can easily cool your vegetables and fruits while giving you a guarantee of one year for the refrigerator and a warranty up to 10 years for the compressor. The design is leak-proof due to the installation of tempered glass which helps the refrigerator to perform a stabilizer free operation while reducing global warming because of its environmentally friendly design.


– Refrigerator can easily store 181 liters in it.

– Ergonomic design with a beautiful frame.

– Spill-proof with tempered glass door.

– Up to one year of warranty.

– Ideal for optimal cooling with a powerful compressor.


– The power usage is a little higher in this model.

4. Videocon 80 L Direct-cool Refrigerator

Best Single Door Refrigerator In India under 10000

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The Videocon 80L smart refrigerator comes with anesthetics design with attractive colors that will give your kitchen a new look with amazing features for performing any day to day tasks with ease. The refrigerator makes very little noise while running with smart and interactive technology that ensures fast cooling which is made from durable material and as a study design that can keep your ingredients cool and fresh for longer periods. You can store drink soda food snacks in your refrigerator with a separate bottle holder that is provided in the door that is ideal for a moderate family.


– Inbuilt Bactria removal filter.

– Child safe with a lock system.

– Energy-efficient and leak-proof design.

– Makes low noise while running.

– Up to 80L of moderate storing capacity.


– Nill

5. Haier 52 L 3 Star ( 2019 ) Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Best Single Door Refrigerator In India under 10000

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The refrigerator features a minimalistic design with a compact frame that can fit anywhere around your room without taking any space which makes it the best fridge price below 8000, that has some of the most amazing features like its powerful freezing technology which works with an inbuilt stabilizer to ensure low energy consumption with an economical structure. The budget-friendly fridge makes your food stay healthy and fresh for a long time with a thick layer of PUF within its frame, which can increase the durability of the freezer and providing additional insulation to decrease any chances of leakage in the fridge.


– Compact and ergonomic design.

– Energy efficient with a good compressor.

– Up to one year of product warranty.

– Cheapest fringe on the list.

– Provides easy installation and mobility.

– Light-weighted frame with a spill-proof body.


– The storage is suitable for bachelors.


Buyers of refrigerators are increasing day by day over the years that want good freezers at an affordable price with multiple features. That’s why we make this list of the best single door refrigerator in India under 10000 that you can buy right now to make your kitchen look luxurious and fancy while keeping your food clean and healthy with some of the most amazing features in the market. So, what are you weighting for, go buy your first fridge today or upgrade your old fridge with an amazing refrigerator in a budget-friendly price that will make your food last longer.

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