Best Smartwatch under 5000 in India 2020 ( Top 5 )

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Best Smartwatch under 5000 in India 2020

Smartwatches are providing a relatively new and amazing technology for general people which has evolved but most of the people don’t know how to choose a smartwatch as there is numerous selection of smartwatch present in the online markets with many advanced features and multiple budgets to select which makes the choice more confusing.

Therefore, we wrote this article which covers all those important features of the best smartwatches in India that you should look out for before buying your best smartwatch in India. We also covered the top 10 smartwatches that you can buy right now with amazing features and powerful battery life. The user-friendly and amazing design of these smartwatches will blow your mind and they would look stylish on anyone who wears them.

Buyers Guide For Best Smartwatch under 5000

These basic points are the common features, that one should look for before buying there best smartwatch under 3000 in India 2020 to strike an amazing deal for themselves. Remember to compare these specifications to get your best pic which will suit your needs accordingly.

• The average battery life of a good smartwatch is around 10 days but if you get more battery life then it will be better for you as you won’t have to charge your smartwatch regularly to stay connected with your phone.

• Most of the smartwatches come with IP68 water resistance which is perfect for swimming and walking in the rain, so look for a smartwatch that comes with the same certification or higher to protect it from any water damage that may happen in the future.

• Your smartwatch should be comfortable to wear since many smartwatch manufacturers make them huge and bulky due to which they don’t fit on your hand and you won’t feel comfortable wearing them, so look for a light-weighted and slim smartwatch for everyday usage.

• Wireless charging is always preferred in smartwatches as they are convenient to use but you have to pay a higher price to get a wireless charger for your smartwatch as there are not present in the budget range of smartwatches.

1. Noise Colorfit Pro 2 Full Touch Control Smart Watch

Best Smartwatch under 5000

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This Noise Colorfit Pro smartwatch is a combination of power and connectivity with a sophisticated design that makes your life easy. Made from first-class material that is durable enough to withstand any stress applied daily. The smartwatches are waterproof and sweat resistant so you can wear it shower or in the rain without worrying about water damage.

The Noise Colorfit smartwatch features the best display that you can get under 5000 rupees within the amazing design that has curved edges around its screen and the protection of gorilla glass makes it unbreakable.


– Comes with all-time heart rate monitoring.

– Perfect frame to provide a better grip.

– Nine sports mode to track all your workout activities.

– 1.3 inches of the LCD display.

– Get one year of product warranty with Noise Colorfit.

– Four colorful straps to select from.


– The battery life is lower compared to others on the list.

2. Noise NoiseFit Evolve Full Touch Control Smart Watch

Best Smartwatch under 5000

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Noise NoiseFit Evolve smartwatch has a long battery life that you don’t need to charge every day so you will be able to wear it daily. You can use the SmartWatch to track your exercise sleep and daily activities to ensure that you are getting enough workout which will help you in losing weight and improve your fitness level at the same time.

Noise NoiseFit Evolve smartwatch can easily help you to reply to text messages, WhatsApp calls, Facebook messages, or emails and you won’t even need to take out your phone which makes this smartwatch more convenient to have on your wrist for all day long.


– Strong built quality with aluminum alloy case.

– Inbuilt Sleep Tracker, Step Counter, Calorie Counter.

– Easy swap bands for user comfort

– 24/7 heart rate tracking.

– One year of warranty with a smartwatch.

– Bluetooth v5 for better connectivity.


– A classic look is not preferred by everyone.

3. Huami Amazfit Bip S Smart Watch

Best Smartwatch under 5000

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Huami Amazfit gives you a feature to control your playlist functionality by increasing the music volume and changing the track with just a push of a button. The advanced tracking system of the smartwatch encourages you to reach your goals by giving small advice on the app that you can apply to your training and sleep routine to get the most out of your workouts.

Huami Amazfit smartwatch can operate solely on its battery life for weeks without charging under optimal conditions so if you’re looking for sporty design and a good-looking watch this is the smartwatch that you should try.


– Active sleep tracking.

– Up to 40 days of long-lasting battery life.

– Water and sweat resistance.

– 10 sports mode for each workout routine.

– PPG BioTracker heart rate sensor.

– Ultra-light and slim design.


– The price is a little higher.

4. Noise NoiseFit Endure Smart Watch

Best Smartwatch under 5000

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The Noise NoiseFit Endure smartwatch features a classic look on the surface but it has advanced features with sleep tracking and a notification sensor that allows you to see calls or messages and notifications that you get on your cell phone. It is one of the best smartwatches under 10000 in India 2020 at an extremely affordable price.

Noise NoiseFit Endure smartwatch has a wide LED screen display with sharp storage space which will help you store thousands of messages on your smartwatch alone. Additionally, the activity sensor tracks your daily tasks to give you optimal reading on your calorie count with other additional starts.


– Tough and sporty look.

– Smart tracking with full touch display.

– Battery life up to 20 days in optimal settings.

– Multi-purpose smart screen.

– Dust and waterproof smartwatch.

– Comparable with both android and IOS devices.


– The display is a little smaller than other watches.

5. Cross beats Ignite SmartWatch 2020

Best Smartwatch under 5000

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Cross beats Ignite Smart Watch features a good display that is visible in direct sunlight and one of the best things about the watch is that it provides water resistance up to 30 meters of depth, which means you can swim all you want and you won’t have to worry about any water leakage problems.

Cross beats Ignite Smart Watch promise sleep, heart rate and steps tracking with a reliable sensor and the IPS panel provides an excellent display to watch all those stats. You can easily connect your Bluetooth with your cell phone to access your calls and camera remotely and the find my phone feature lets you locate your phone with just a click of a button on your smartwatch.


– Stunning design with multiple color choices.

– In-app analysis with smart sensors.

– Up to 10 days of battery life.

– Hart rate motoring and

– Inbuilt IP68 waterproofing.


– Fewer sports modes compared to others.


Best Smartwatches in India under 5000 are becoming more and more common around the year 2020 since they are providing amazing features like health and heart monitoring and activity tracking which lets you know the total activity that you have done. There is also a feature of sleep tracking that lets you see the total amount of sleep you got, which helps you changing your routine to get get the most out of your night time.

Everyone should have a smartwatch to save their time and increase there fitness level with an advanced tracking system, so we made this guide to help you make the process of buying the Best smartwatches in India easy. Check our latest reviews of the best smartwatches under 5000 in India 2020 to get one.

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