Best treadmills in India 2020

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Best treadmills in India 2020

Running on a treadmill not only helps in getting fit but also influences your mind, mood, and attitude. The treadmill comes in all shapes and sizes and with both manual and motorized mode, it has a rotating belt that provides a moving surface for you to run on. Treadmills can be used for anyone to get fit, build muscle mass, or to lose weight. You can do many exercises simultaneously on a treadmill like walking jogging running and burn calories to reduce weight in the meantime.

Why should we need a treadmill in our home? The answer to that question is very simple, if you have a treadmill at your home you can work out anytime you want and run as much as you want. Going to a gym is good but everyone doesn’t have time for that so home treadmill lets you have you exercise while staying at home without any disturbances, so if you want one here are some of the best treadmills in India to buy in 2020.

Treadmills Buying Guide India

These are some Best treadmills in India 2020 of the main features you should look into before buying a treadmill.

Weight limitations

Each machine comes with its weight limitations so you need to check the max-weight provided by the company should be higher than your weight. Over exerting a machine can result in damaging it within a few days of use and it may cause some non fixable issues.

Frame and structure

Your machine should have a sturdy solid frame that shouldn’t shutter or bent when being used. It should also have good gripping power so if you fall or hold something you won’t slide.


When it comes to Motor it fully depends on how you will be using your treadmill. A motor of 1.25 HP is one of the lowest end motors and there used for walking and light running. On the other hand, 3.0 HP motors can perform any task provided, and its kind of an overkill for a basic home treadmill. They are best suited for gyms and fitness clubs.

Track size

The track size offer treadmill will solely depend on user comfort level as well as uses height. Generally, treadmills have a track size of 16 to 22 inches wide and many users will feel that sixteen inches too thin for them and it only can be used for walking or light running. On the other hand, twenty-two inches is the perfect space that can be easily used for running and even for incline running. For all runners, it is recommended to have at least 55 inches long belt because of their huge jump distances while running.

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The best treadmill for home use in India under 20000

1. Cockatoo CTM-05 Steel 2 HP Peak Motorized Multi-Function Treadmill

Best treadmills in India 2020

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The new Cockatoo smart design treadmill comes with a good looking and strong design choice. The company provides free installation to all its users in all over India.

Cockatoo has a specialty for making home and gym workouts. This Cockatoo treadmill gives compact design, new dashboard features, and handlebar storage for keeping your phones and drinks during workouts.

Key Features

– The display shows Time, Speed, Distance, Calorie, Pulse, Fat Measure.

– The running space is 1100 to 390 mm.

– Motor power is 2 HP tops.

– No incline is given.

2. Sparnod Fitness STH-3300 (4 HP Peak) Automatic Treadmill

Best treadmills in India 2020

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Sparnod Fitness Automatic treadmill is best known for its simple and modern design. It is colored in black and white which gives it a great look. This is the most stylish treadmill compared to all other treadmills.

I come with a powerful motor with a lifetime warranty on frame, a three-year warranty on motor, and one year warranty on electrical parts also it makes very little noise while running.

Key Features

– Smooth and strong design.

– 2 HP of motor power max.

– You will enjoy jogging, walking, running & cardio in it.

– It is foldable and takes little space.

3. Fitkit FT98 carbon 1.25HP (2HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill

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Fitkit is a company known for its thin and lightweight design. All its materials except the belt are made of stainless steel, that makes it foldable. Fitkit has an app for both android and IOS devices that can be used to measure every activity done on the machine. They give free installation for more 650+ cities in all over India.

Built-in speakers and 3.5 mm audio jack are the plus points of this treadmill with USB connectivity with a bright LED display that is provided in this model of the treadmill too.

Key Features

– Get a free personal 3 months diet with doctor recommendation.

– Connects with the Fit plus App available on Android & IOS platforms

– 1.25 hp of motor power.

– 90 kgs of max weight capacity.

4. Fitkit FT098 Series 1.5HP (2HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill

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Fitkit’s mission is to make everyone healthy and fit, that is why it facilitates us with twelve different programs that you can select from to target loss of fat or improving your stamina.

The treadmill can be folded and comes with a great look, its design is outstanding compared to other treadmills. They give home installations in more than 650+ cities all over India.

Key Features

– Connects with apps like Fitbit, Google Fit, Amazon Alexa.

– Get a free personal 3 months diet with doctor recommendation.

– Connects with the Fitkit App available on Android & IOS platforms

– 12 inbuilt workout programs.

– 90 kgs of maximum weight capacity.

5. PowerMax Fitness TDM-98 1.75HP (3.5HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill

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PowerMax treadmill is specially designed for weight-loss purposes, they have a strong design for the frame and it is colored in black with white highlights.

It comes with a lifetime warranty on frame, a three-year guarantee on the motor and a one year warranty on electrical parts. Twelve preset workouts are faced with three target base models.

Key Features

– Max User Weight of 90 kgs.

– Top Speed of 10 km/hr.

– Heart monitor and sensor.

– Pen drive and USB/AUX connector.

– 90 degrees of the foldable lock system.


In conclusion, fitkit treadmill, powermax treadmill & these all are the best treadmills brands in India & best treadmill for home use in India under 20000 that you can buy. You should always remember to look at components of a treadmill like its weight, frame and structure motor and track size and compare these with another treadmill to find your ideal pic. We hope that this article helped you in finding the best treadmill in India for you.

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