Best Trimmer For Men In India 2020

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Best Trimmer For Men In India 2020

Most of the Barber Shops are momentarily closed and it is not advised to go outside because of the virus outbreak, so you may want to turn toward self-grooming products that you can use at home.

A Trimmer is a self-grooming tool that is used for trimming, chipping, or pruning your hair. Trimmers are useful tools that make our job easy for maintaining our beard while not cutting or irritating our skin, unlike shaving which is a major cause of acne breakouts and cutting of skin on your face.

Trimmers genitally cut your hair while maintaining a safe distance from your skin. They have multiple shapes, sizes, and features according to the user’s needs which could turn out to be confusing for some people, so we have made this guide on how to buy Best Trimmer For Men In India in 2020 and we also added top five trimmers with best features and quality.

Some of the basic types of Trimmers

Hair Trimmer is a common term used for defining trimmers generally but for different parts of the body, there are different types of trimmers. There are many components in a trimmer that may vary depending on the hair type that you will be cutting, most of the trimmers present in the market can be covered in three categories.


Edgers are trimmers used to cut in corner parts or a less paced place in your body. Most of the time Edgers are used before shavers to create a well-defined jawline on your face.
Edgers can cut both long and short hairs because of there big jaw teeth design.


Shaver’s are trimmers used for shaving or cutting facial hair or for hair on your head. They generally have many length settings to cut your hair at a desirable length. Shaver’s must be used for cutting moderately sized hair and they are not for cutting long hairs.


These are trimmers generally used for cutting personal parts of your body. They have rounded blade corners for gentle and safe cutting. They can be used at any part of the body like underarms or chest hair.

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Buyers Guide For Best Trimmer For Men In India


An ideal trimmer should be lightly weighted to hold for long periods. Trimmers with heavyweights are hard to control and guide which can lead to an uneven cut that might ruin your beard. So you should always look for light-weighted trimmers before buying your Best trimmer for men.


Cordless trimmers are easy to control compared to cord trimmers. Cordless trimmers provide great mobility and you can use a cordless trimmer even if you don’t have an electrical output nearby.

Water Resistance

Trimmers are generally used in bathrooms around water a lot so they should at least have a water protection coating to save them from water entering their circuits and frying them. Most popular brands provide some kind of water resistance certificates for their trimmers.

Stainless Steel vs Titanium Blades

Stainless Steel blades rustproof and best for wet shaving your beard while Titanium blades are strong and come with a lifetime blade warranty buy they are not good for wet shaving and they rust even if a single water droplet touches their surface, also titanium blades are expensive compared to stainless steel blades.

Best Trimmer in India under 1000 are –

We found the five best trimmers in India under 1000 and the best trimmer in India 2020 and the best trimmer for men.

1. VEGA T-1 Beard trimmer

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One of our first choice for the best trimmer for man in India we have given you VEGA T-1 Beard trimmer because of its amazing specks with a low price point. It is made up of strong plastic and metal. Features an ergonomic design with beautiful looks.


– Stainless steel blades.

– One comb with twenty-three length settings.

– Features an ergonomic design.

– Rechargeable cordless use.

– One year of manufacturing warranty.


– The charging time is eight hours.

– You can’t use it while charging

2. Philips BT1212/15 Beard Trimmer

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Phillips is a well-trusted brand in terms of trimmers and electronics. It is second on our best trimmer for man in India list because of its weird green color with a thin design and no fast charging support but it is good for someone who doesn’t know anything about trimmers and uses it as there first trimmer.


– Three modes of length to choose from.

– Long-lasting two years of worldwide warranty.

– Soft blades with rounded blades for preventing skin irritation.

– Detachable head for easy cleaning.

– Cordless rechargeable trimmer.


– No fast charging.

– No led indicator light.

3. Syska HT800 Cordless Trimmer

best trimmer for men in India

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Syska is also a well-reputed brand known for there affordable and good accessories. They make good and best trimmer for men in India with awesome designs. Their trimmer gives a smooth and hassle-free experience.


– The blade is made up of stainless steel.

– The Trimmer range for cutting is between 0.5mm to 10mm.

– Up to 30 minutes of battery life.

– 20 length settings.

– Two years of warranty.


– The battery backup is bad and the charging time is slow.

– The blades are not rounded which can scar your skin.

4. Nova NHT-1071 USB Trimmer

best trimmer for men in India

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Nova is known for there unique trimmer designs with contrasting colors and makes the best trimmer for men in India. There ergonomic designed stainless steel blades cut hair smoothly. It also comes with multiple levels of length for our beards.


– High precision stainless steel blade.

– Adjustable trimmer range from 2mm to 10mm.

– Cordless with USB charging support.

– Up to 45 minutes of continuous usage.

– Detachable head for better cleaning.


– Can’t be used while charging.

– No water resistance was provided.

5. Lifelong LLPCM13 Cordless Beard Trimmer

best trimmer for men in India

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Lifelong trimmers are overall good quality and best trimmer for men in India for maintaining your stubble and beard. The sharp stainless steel blades can cut through your hair to give you a slick look in no time at all.


– Fully waterproof.

– 20 levels of adjustments.

– Cordless trimmer with USB charging.

– Strong stainless steel blades.

– One and a half years of warranty.


– It requires 8 hours for charging.

– Only comes with one comb.


For buying the best trimmer for man in India and the best trimmer in India under 1000 you should always check for strength, durability, weightlessness, cordless design, and good battery life. In this guide, we have tried to cover all of these points and providing you with a top ten list of Best Trimmer For Men In India. If you want us to choose for you we will say that the top two trimmers on the list are best for there price point with every other feature included and comes from big branded companies.

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