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  • The brilliant 1.3″ colour display is now full capacitive touch, supporting taps and swipes, so it is easy to read and operate.
  • The strong polycarbonate case makes the ColorFit Pro 2 featherlight on your wrist and is available in 4 beautiful colours with matching swappable straps.
  • 24×7 heart rate monitoring with the built in optical HR monitor that measures your heart rate every five minutes.
  • 9 sports modes to cover all your activities, whether you walk, run, hike, bike, treadmill, work-out, climb, spin, of perform yoga.
  • You can sweat as much as you like and even wear the ColorFit Pro 2 in the rain, thanks to its IP68 waterproof rating.


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Best Smartwatches In India (Sep. 2020)

Noise Colorfit Pro 2 review 2020

A new user interface, noise color 2 pro pf an improved pedometer, and much more. We’ve had this device for over a week, and here’s our take. If it includes something like equality and more diligence, we have many tools in the market that recommend it. One such tool to keep you afloat is undoubtedly a fitness tracker or a smartwatch.

Currently, the market is rich in competition with the spread of clothing, suggesting that consumers can get a reliable smartwatch that covers all the basics at an affordable price. so last year’s ColorFit Pro series was featured by Sound, known for its smart accessories. We’ve had this device quite every week, and here’s our battle.

Design and display

The Noise Color Pro 2 comes with a small design with a large square shape. Our review unit is Jet Black. The straps are made of silicone, which is comfortable and comes with enough fixing options to fit even the smallest wrists.

Like its predecessor, the ColorFit Pro 2 is lightweight at 35 grams, and the belt can be used on both sides. The back of the Noise ColourFit Pro 2 equips the heartbeat sensor and charger attachment electrodes. The company has converted a clamp-type charger into a flexible clip, which strengthens the magnetic connection between the charger pins and the driving dots behind the strap belt.

On the right, we have a home button, which is used to start/stop any activity and return to the main screen. The touch is smooth while scrolling the interface. Having said that, twice out of ten touches do not respond.

Noise ColorFit Pro 2 Games 1.3-inch (240 x 240 pixels) LCD screen. However, there is no information about such demonstration protection. It is worth mentioning here that the display easily attracts smudges and fingerprints. It has a large bezel on both the top and bottom, which seems very disappointing.

The display is clear and bright enough, blacks are deep, dignified under direct sunlight and tend to use very little energy. Font and icon may be better used, reliability. By default, it comes with five clock faces, and none of them impress. This smartwatch also allows you to read basic notifications, alert you while making calls, sit down, and control the music playback.

Software, performance, and battery

Download the ‘NoiseFit Sport’ app from the Google Play Store or App Store. Once you are done, you need to fill in your physical details, such as height, weight, gender, and year of birth. You can get captions for your data, including Tasks, Sleep, and Heartbeat.

During our use, we found the Noise Color Pro 2 to track steps and sleep well if not accurate.

For more detailed data, go to the details section. This device comes with a sleep tracker, where it uses a sensor to detect movement and analyze sleep data. Sleep tracking is really good, where it shows deep sleep, easy sleep, and a wake-up option. Other than that, the graphic representation is clean, small, and easy to understand. You can also add setup alarms, but the vibration intensity is below average, almost equal to ColorFit Pro. For passengers like me, the music control function is very useful, where you can touch for a long time play/pause, and follow the transition functions to control your music

In our case, respectable methods the limit of error is very small compared to other tight bands at this price point. Heart rate monitoring works well too. However, there is no GPS built-in clock, therefore, it cannot track the tracks of your external fitness tracker.

Additionally, it does not follow sleep while traveling (for example, bus, train, or plane). Since it is water-resistant (IP68), I have tried to use it under a shower, and it works well. There is support for a variety of physical activities such as walking, running, cycling, walking, climbing, treadmill, Spinning, and Yoga. Coming to battery life, the Noise Color Fit Pro2 offers 7-10 days of battery life, which, in our opinion, is impressive.

Noise Colourit Pro 2 is good to buy and flexible cables. However, we feel that the user interface could not have been better. If you want a basic tracking, Noise Color ColorFit Pro 2 will no doubt fit your needs. Noise Color Color Pro 2 costs Rs. 2999

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