Best Yi 2 4k Action Cam In India 2020

  • Feature’s yi 2 4k action cam: YI 4K+ records in 4K at twice the frame rate.
  • An incredible 4K/60fps.
  • YI 4K+ gives you phenomenal 4K/60fps video without consuming extensive power
  • Built-in EIS lets you capture smooth and steady 4K/30fps video without the need for high-end stabilizers or post-production editing.
  • YI 4K+ is the most advanced action camera available today.


Review Of  TheYi 2 4k Action Cam In India 2020


Today we have the YI 2 4K Action Camera, a 4K Action Camera with a high-end camera sensor, and a wide-angle lens. A quality camera will give you a computer-assisted gyro image stabilization with software or image stabilization that moves the lens to counter any movement.

So we take one of the best Yi 2 4K Action Cam cameras to update today

The Balanced Optical SteadyShot image stabilization system will prevent shivering and loosening, no matter how happy you are and ZEISS Tessar offers a lens distortion of the protective form

Advanced Photo Enhancement – EIS) built-in electronic (EIS) delivers smooth and stable videos up to 4K / 30fps resolution, guaranteeing an excellent experience shooting fast-moving objects.

Electronic image stabilization (EIS) automatically adjusts to compensate for a 1.5-inch LCD screen lets you play photos and videos that you take.

Companies like Yi have opened flood gates, and unlike other action camera makers, they have made little effort to chase the dream of action, instead of pointing their cameras

Let’s see the feature and benefits of the Yi 2 4k action cam

Feature and benefits of Yi 2 4k action cam-

  • Instead of relying on an external program, the YI action camera app allows you to shoot, edit and share content as a professional photographer, as well as edit, share and delete content with professional photographers. Similar to the GoPro app, Yi Action has a social network so you can share, find, and track other people’s work wirelessly from your phone. This short video from the Yi PC app shows you how to play with the Yi 2K 4K Action Camera with a wide-angle lens. Be sure to download the latest version of Yi ActionThe Yi 4 K Action Camera is well suited for the average adrenaline junkie on holiday. The mobile app Yi Action makes editing a quick and pleasant task, and it also feels rewarding to use the camera
  • Lifestyle features such as outdoor robustness, ease of use, and accessibility are factors that must be taken into account when deciding whether YI LITE or YY 4K is right for you. To help you make the decision, we took the time to examine and list some of the best features of both, as well as the differences between them.
  • Read our full review of the YI 4K Action Camera, the most powerful and affordable 4K camera on the market. Camera White Pearl Reviews with ratings and features specifications, and search online for more YY products at the best prices on Amazon.
  • Here we collect all the details about the Yi 4K Action Camera and its features and specifications.
  • Don’t be confused, this camera is from Yi Technology and there is also a Yi 2K 4K Action Camera with the same name but with a different name.
  • So if you decide to upgrade, you can use the Yi 4K for many cool things you can buy with it. I would like to learn more about the Kami community and hear about all the YI 4K accessories that will be compatible with the Yi 4k. With a wide range of cameras and accessories available on the market today, YI technology is outstanding in this category.
  • The YI 4K is a premium option for people who want more features and crafts features, but it is the best affordable option to shoot with a higher resolution and a wider range of lenses and accessories than the Yi 2K. If you want the option of a Yi 2K camera for shooting in higher resolutions and advanced features such as the ability to shoot in 3D, there is also on the market today.
  • The YI 4K is not the perfect action camera, but its comparatively low price makes it the best all-round action cam you could wish for. The GoPro may have an advantage over the pros, but for the average person who just wants action – a camera to record their adventures – the Yi will do just as well.
  • After not spending any time with the Hero5 Black, we cannot definitively say that the Yi 4K is better, but we can tell you that it is cheaper. it definitely offers a better price-performance ratio than the other Yi 2K action cameras,
  • The only weak point of the Max is that it cannot take conventional 4K shots, and if you want to capture fantastic still images and videos, you have to rely on a tripod to stabilize the camera, as there is no camera stabilization function. If you are into extreme sports and have the option of mounting the camera somewhere where you cannot hit records quickly, this is a great feature that the Yi 4K does not have. Now that we have # turned to pachyderms, we are shifting our focus to the other Yi 2K action cameras, the Hero5 Black and the Max.

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