Best Channapatna Toys in India 2021

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  • This toy can stimulate baby creativity and trains hand-eye coordination. Attractive, fun toy which develops Math, Science, Spatial Tactile Skills, Increase curiosity + it will develop your kids imagination power
  • Will create a beautiful atmosphere for your wedding or other occasions. 100% Brand New And High Quality.
  • Perfect rectangle & all pieces are exact same size so that you can make large and solid structures.
  • Package Includes: 120 Pcs Wooden Blocks. Color Will be Shipped Randomly. Material : Wooden


Best Channapatna Toys in India 2021

The Best Channapatna Toys in India 2021. The Indian wooden toys industry has evolved so much that various types of Channapatna Toys in India are available at the best prices. The wooden toys are available at all price ranges with attractive and exclusive features. Indian wooden toys are mostly made from wood such as pinewood, oak, walnut, and cherry wood. Pinewood toys are best suited for children, whereas Oak and Walnut toys are suitable for girls.

If you wish to know about the manufacturing process of the channapatna toys, then you can log on to the website of the different companies mentioned above. On this website, you will get ample information about the manufacturing process, delivery of channapatna toys to your place, and how to maintain these toys.

If you want to buy channapatna toys made by these companies at a reasonable price, then make sure that you check the various discounts offered on the website. If you cannot find the deals on the website, then ask the company’s representative to help you out. You can also avail of free ground shipping if you purchase above mentioned channapatna toy in bangalore ​from the companies mentioned above.

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How to Select Best Channapatna Toys

The channapatna toys factory is situated in India’s industrial hub city of Bangalore. The factory employs more than 800 people, including skilled and semi-skilled workers. These factory workers manufacture channapatna toys that are sold across the country.

The channapatna toys factory also gets orders from various government organizations, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions for introducing new games. However, the channapatna toys factory runs on a tight budget, and it does not invest much in advertising as it has a limited budget.

It manufactures fun, interactive, and safe games, including a range of learning toys like an Indian storybook or an Indian version of popular TV shows like Babu, Bhagwati, and Dora the Explorer.

Popular kids’ toys, including dolls, puppets, building blocks, and cars, are also manufactured by the channapatna toys factory. In addition, an Indian version of the popular animated cartoon show King of the Hill also launches in Australia. In the last few years, the demand for channapatna toys online has increased tremendously.

Nowadays, channapatna toys online can be found on numerous websites across the internet. You can check out the channapatna toys offered by these websites to know the variety available in this field. You can even compare channapatna toys offered by different online stores and see the price quotes so that you can choose the best possible deal for yourself.

Seven Moon Wooden Domino Run Board Building Blocks Educational Toys

Seven Moon Wooden Domino Run Board Building Blocks Educational Toys are among the most popular toys and building blocks for children. They are created by a team of professional artists from India. These exclusive channapatna toy manufacturers from India have won many awards for their top-selling products, including more than 20 industry awards and multiple international awards.

The seven channapatna toys factory in Bangalore, India, is located at a very modern location and is well equipped to handle all types of orders worldwide. It also has a large showroom where you can view various products from different channapatna toys manufacturers. Moreover, it is effortless to get hold of these channapatna toy manufacturers online.

So it will only cost you about twenty bucks to ship your order from India to USA or Canada and no shipping costs. Their other country-wide orders will also be sent out at discounted prices.

Another reason to visit the channapatna toys factory is the quality artistry of every product. If you were to buy a channapatna from any other factory, you would not know if it makes with the best quality. The channapatna toys factory ensures that every one of their products is of top-notch quality. All of the channapatna toys are hand-painted using state-of-the-art technology by using the most colorful and durable paints available.

Every piece of channapatna toys, even the simple seven moon channapatna building blocks, are made with high-quality materials to last for years to come. The channapatna toys factory also has an excellent range of play themes available. You can choose from jungle animals, wild animals, space, farm animals, and many more. All of the channapatna toys are brightly colored, so your child will love them and play with them.

If you are a young girl who loves to play with colorful and creative toys, these channapatna building blocks are the best ones for you. In addition, these are one of the favorite educational toys for pre-school children so, if you want to make your child more innovative, imaginative, and creative, then the channapatna moon building blocks are for you.

The plans are in the works and a lot is going to happen before the end of the year. The plan is to further consolidate the brand name by signing long-term deals with the leading toy manufacturers in the country, as well as to make significant headway in the global market with the launching of new products in China and Russia.

Key Features:-

  • Trains hand-eye coordination
  • Stimulate baby creativity
  • Attractive, fun toy
  • Math, Science, Spatial Tactile Skills
  • 100% Brand New And High Quality
  • Kids imagination power
  • Unequal wooden pieces


Channapatna toys in India is a company on the rise. The first half of 2021 saw a flurry of activity as the brand slowly made its way to number three in the all-important global Toy Industry Association’s (ITIA) Most Promising Companies List. A few factors contributed to this success, the first being the launch of the new Max Machines range, which had received great reviews from critics and fans alike. The second was signing a big deal with Universal Studios International to distribute exclusively in India, which saw the company take over many brands, including Hero Factory, Pop Idol Factory, and I love All Life. Thirdly, the launch of the popular VigRite craze – a mouth-watering flavored candy that caught the imagination of millions across the world.

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