Best Syska Power Bank 20000mAh India 2020 ( Top 3 )

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Syska Power Bank 20000mAh

Lately, Power Banks are getting more and more popular among all mobile users as they are becoming an indispensable accessory for users who heavily rely on their smartphones and other charging devices.

Power Banks works as an additional battery for your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or for any other device that uses a battery to run, which you can charge without the need of a power source near you.

However, choosing a Power Bank can turn out to be quite a hassle for most of the people as they are different sizes of Power Banks with different battery life, present in the online industry that makes the buyer’s more and more confused.

That’s why we made this list of best Syska Power Bank 20000mAh that you can buy right now at a cheaper price with all the necessary functionalities which you need in a Power Bank.

Buyers Guide

Below we have listed some of the most important components of a good power bank that you need to check for finding an ideal device, according to your needs.


Capacity is the main reason that people buy power banks that is why you buy a power bank with good capacity to simultaneously charge all your devices without running out of energy. A Power Bank should at least have 10000mAh of battery to charge your devices multiple times over, so you won’t have to charge your power bank after every use.


Look for branded Power banks as they provide a portable design with good battery backup that can charge your phone multiple times over without getting low on power. This is why we chose Syska because it is a well-known brand in the Indian industry for offering good electronic products at an affordable price for the general public.

Charging Time

It is usually a good idea to get a fast-charging Power Bank that takes little time to charge your phones, tablets, and other devices while taking even less time to charge itself. Additionally, many users like to leave their mobile phones overnight for charging with their Power banks which is why they need to look for an overcharging protection feature that comes with some of the well-branded power banks which automatically shut off the power when the devices get fully charged.

Weight & Size

Another factor that is important which you should consider before buying Syska Power Bank 20000mah Amazon that it should have to be portable enough, so you can easily carry it from one place to another without any discomfort. In short, if you will be walking with your power bank then try to find a light-weighted and ergonomically design frame for increasing your comfort.

Syska Power Bank 20000mAh Review

1. Syska 20000mAh Li-Polymer Power Pro200 Power Bank

Syska Power Bank 20000mAh

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If you are trying to find a high capacity Power Bank than Syska power 200 is perfect for you as it offers a capacity of 20000mAh which can charge your smartphones and other devices multiple times without running out of battery making it one of the best portable Syska power bank price 10000mah available online at an affordable price.

The two USB ports help in multi-charging different devices at the same time and the smart management system allows you to monitor your charging percentage with the help of a LED light that is placed on top of your charger. It offers a stable and strong design that is durable enough to endure any kind of stress with an inbuilt sleep mode that saves energy in free time for long-lasting battery life.


– Dual USB Output.

– Advance power-sharing options.

– Clean and sleek look.

– Overcharging protection.

– Compatible with most of the devices.


– Doesn’t support quick charging.

2. Syska 20000mAh Li-Polymer P2006J Power Core200 Power Bank

Syska Power Bank 20000mAh

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The Syska power 200 is a portable and powerful Power Bank that can handle any smartphone or device to provide fast charging for two other devices. The 20000mAh of battery last very long while simultaneously charging multiple devices with a sturdy and reliable output.

The Power Bank is integrated with an intelligent chipset that protects your device from overcharging and short circuits which increases the life of your device. Also, the device is available in three color competitions which are white, black, and blue to provide a stylish look to your Power Bank with six months of warranty by the company that ensures long-lasting usage for the customer.


– Light-weighted and ergonomic design.

– Six months of warranty.

– Huge charging capacity.

– Multiport options are available for different cables.

– Available in three color options.


– No charger is provided.

3. Syska 20000mAh Power Bank P2008J

Syska Power Bank 20000mAh

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This is Syska portable Power Bank offers a battery capacity of 20000mAh on an inexpensive budget with dual charging ports to simultaneously charge two devices at the same time. The Power Bank is lightweight with an ergonomic design that you can take from one place to another by easily placing it in your pocket, unlike its competitors.

The charger is an ideal travel companion due to its long battery life and sturdy built quality which has led indicators to quickly show the charging percentage on the device. The Power Bank supports USB Type-C or a micro USB cable to connect with most of the devices, so you won’t have to carry multiple cables.


– Large battery capacity.

– High output current.

– Dual USB ports.

– Six months of warranty.

– Discharge protection.


– Slow charging speed.


A Power Bank is a very useful device that is suitable for frequently mobile users as they keep your devices charged without using any outlets from your house. To find the best Power Bank at an affordable price you have to check your needs to get an ideal capacity that meets your device requirements.

Some of the basic features that you should look out for are portability, built quality, and charging speed of a power bank to charge different devices multiple times in any place. If you are still having trouble selecting the ideal power bank then we would suggest you accept our first pick due to its huge battery life and flexible design with strong built quality to offer you long-lasting usage.

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